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Every day, numerous individuals that need, or would like to do a online background check begin out by punching the words “free background check” into a search engine. And they might get some results that promise to deliver exactly what they searched for. Some might even use the terms “anything on anyone” as an enticement. I hate to rain on anybody’s parade, but after I explain what goes into a thorough background check, you’ll understand just just how much you are being promised some thing for nothing. Anybody that’s been around the school of hard knocks knows that there simply are no totally free lunches. In the event you really wish to conduct a totally free background check, within the sense that you don’t wish to spend any money on the information you obtain, it may even be possible. You will find a number of resources from which you can glean info to compile a free online background check.

As you may have guessed, a “free background check” is one where you do the legwork. If you have much more time than money, it may be just the solution you need. You will find myriad sources that are accessible to you that can yield helpful info on your subject. A great starting point is really a search on the internet. This will bring up most information that’s accessible on the web on open websites, meaning that no login or membership is required. The drawback is that a common name will occasionally yield hundreds or even thousands of results. Even with other identifying information, it can take a considerable amount of time to sort via the information to determine what is helpful. Chances are that the information returned will in most instances not be directly helpful in your pursuit of a totally free background check. It’s likely to be things like addresses and phone numbers. Nevertheless, it can also yield clues as to former employers, organizations that the person belonged to, and other affiliations. With that information, it becomes feasible to move on to the next step of contacting those entities to inquire about the subject. Additionally, it’ll alert you to any media attention to the person’s activities, which might be extremely helpful information.

Some sites, especially social networking websites, have a setting that makes it to ensure that search engines do not discover a person’s page. What this means is that it’s a great concept to not stop with just a fundamental web search via a search engine. Go to particular social networking sites, like facebook and myspace, and conduct a search there. Other services such as yahoo and hotmail are also starting to provide networking services and also the subject might have a public profile there. Professional networking websites, such as linkedin, are also certainly worth searching. These types of searches will once again not necessarily tell you if the subject has a criminal record. Nevertheless, a persons associations and affiliations can tell you a lot about them, as can knowing who their friends are. Other websites to check are phone listings, both on the web and in phone books. These can assist develop an address history by giving present contact info, and possibly confirming or even supplying previous addresses. The reason an address history is so essential will turn out to be apparent in a discussion of county courthouse records.

A “free background check” is only made possible by the fact that most county courthouse records are public. However, it should be mentioned that the possibility exists that regardless of this public status, there may be an administrative fee to access them. Only after you’ve built an address history of a subject can the actual search for criminal records start. In short, this will require a trip to every courthouse in counties where the subject lived. Different states have differing rules as to how easily accessible records are, and what info is included within the public records. The differences mainly revolve around how arrests and criminal proceedings that don’t result in convictions are handled. Some states do not allow these to remain on record while others do. Regardless of which information is included in public records, there may be requirements on you prior to access to the info is granted. Usually, you must have a legitimate reason and should be able to explain this reason before access is granted. If this appears like a roadblock, then maybe the factors for obtaining the information within the initial location ought to be questioned. Needless to say, a county courthouse records search could involve a considerable quantity of time and traveling expenses if the subject has moved around a lot. Already, you may begin to see that the notion of obtaining a “free background check” using this technique is very much wishful thinking. Even in the event you get away without paying for any info, your time and effort as well as the money you spend to get to where you can discover the information is likely going to be considerable.

Consider for a moment that a search for an address history appears to go swimmingly smoothly, also as traveling to the suitable courthouses and searching for records. You have so a lot fun doing the traveling that you consider the travel expenses to be toward a vacation and that you have indeed managed to do a totally free background check. The wrench in the works is that at some point in the past, your subject could have been performing exactly the exact same thing you had been. He could have gotten into an altercation with an annoying clerk and accidentally dropped a book on her head, at least claiming that’s was an accident, and thereby injuring her and in the procedure netting an assault charge. Unfortunately for you, this info would not necessarily be recorded in any county courthouse where the subject lived. In short, the possibility certainly exists that a search that turns up nothing may just have been searching in the wrong direction. Although this is not some thing to wish on anyone, accumulating only extremely incomplete information is really a factor one must be aware of when thinking about attempting your own free background check.

You might then make the next logical step and ask why these services offer a totally free background check in the first location. Merely put, this practice is similar to what is recognized in the retail business as a loss leader. A retail outlet will occasionally provide a product at or below price to entice shoppers into their store who they hope will buy other items. Essentially, the online services are hoping to do the same thing. However, the similarity ends at the point where they’ve gotten you to click on the link. In a store, there is a tangible product you can pick up and look at and know what you are getting. In the event you like it, you can pay for it and leave the store and your time will not have been totally wasted. For the factors outlined earlier, it should be obvious that the product being offered by an online service, a free background check, is just not going to happen. It costs them far too a lot to give away. As a parallel, have you ever seen a freebie worth much more than a few dollars? In the event you conduct a search they’ll offer you something, for instance a name and address and tell you that some records had been found. If you have ever conducted a free vehicle history records search, you’ll know precisely what I mean. Then they’ll provide to sell you the records they found for a price, possibly along with a bunch of other “products.” Although you might then be inclined to pay for the info since you would have expected to pay for it anyway, it is likely extremely much inside your interest to avoid these services entirely. After all, if a salesperson lied to you to get you into a store, how inclined are you going to be to buy from them?

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